• product name

    Platform X1

    Platform X1 is an affordable and feature-rich bandwidth managment device.

    It is designed to manage Gigabit network at up to 1Gbps. The platform is suitable for small network for customer provisioning, real-time network analysis and policy enforcement.

  • product name

    Platform X5

    Platform X5 is for both Gigabit and 10G networks at up to 5Gbps throughput.

    It is installed with Dual-Port 10G Fiber Module and Quad-Port Fiber/Copper Module, platform X5 brings carrier-class QoS features and reliability for middle-sized ISP networks.

  • product name

    Platform X10

    Platform X10 is 10G QoS solution optimized for high transaction ISP infrastructures.

    Platform 500 is installed 2 10G Fiber ports(SFP+) by default. Rock solid performance allows for predictable delivery of subscriber bandwidth management on 10G networks.

  • product name

    Platform X40

    Platform X40 provides up to 40Gbps in throughput with near linear performance.

    Platform X40 is the powerful high performance carrier-grade QoS solution. It is built on top of PacketController proprietary Multi-Core Hardware Architecture.

  • product name

    External Bypass

    External bypass is a desktop form-factor External Passive Bypass Switch.

    It is designed to detect an inline-appliance malfunction such as a software crash, power failure or link loss, and automatically re-route network traffic away from the inline device directly through the network link.

  • ISP Solutions

    For Internet Service Provider, the profits are based on the ISP's bandwidth being purchased at wholesale, and its clients paying retail. So how one ISP stands out by its competitive edge?

  • Education

    Universities have the complex networks to serve different user groups, demand profile for residential building networks completely different from academic and administration building networks.

  • Enterprise

    Real-time applications like VOIP are as important as business system such as ERP, OA in corporate daily operations. Cost-effective QoS solutions are becoming critical for enterprise.

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