PacketController is dedicated, flexible and cost effective traffic shaping solution, and it has the good Layer 7 application inspection plus flexible traffic shaping and comprehensive reporting, it provides a wealth of information on the network such as heavy users, bandwidth consumption by application and traffic pattern.

PacketController can speed up your network performance:

  • Optimize your network usage and performance
  • Move best effort delivery to a predictable service
  • Dedicates the correct amount of bandwidth to your users and applications
  • Increase user productivity, satisfaction and performance of all your applications
  • Enforce service level agreements with effective management of your bandwidth
  • Reduce management, support and maintenance costs
  • Allow the business to eliminate and delay costly bandwidth upgrades
  • PacketController is scalable bandwidth management solution based on net neutrality methodology.

  • Scalable to 40G link with 300K QoS policies loaded
  • Manage users fairly without constant application signatures upgrade
  • Manage bandwidth in both directions from a single policy
  • End to end management controlling bandwidth to CPE before wireless bandwidth is consumed
  • Manage all traffic types effectively including UDP
  • Integrated With External Cache
  • Cost effective
  • PacketController represents the new generation of bandwidth management in policy enforcement. It provides all the features you need to control the amount of bandwidth with stunning performance.

    The unique features are:

  • Ability to classify both inbound and out bound traffic using a single policy
  • Fine grained control of Bandwidth Inbound, Outbound or total
  • VOIP bandwidth management
  • Automatic P2P bandwidth usage throttling
  • By default, the PacketController sits between your LAN (switch) and WAN (router), and it operates as a transparent bridge that is IEEE 802.1-compliant, so there will be no reconfiguration required on current network.

    The simple answer is convergence!

    There are essentially four main reasons why a corporation or organization should use PacketController:

  • Congestion: Bottlenecks can happen anywhere where traffic meets - at a server or a hub or at the point between the LAN and the WAN. PacketController specializes in managing the bottleneck between the LAN and WAN however it is also designed to be helpful across the entire network and can manage traffic to a server or other congestion points as well.
  • Prioritization: Not all data is equal in importance and data can vary in importance, PacketController lets you prioritize the traffic that is important to you.
  • Measurement and Accounting: Bandwidth is usually a very expensive and important resource and it is becoming more and more part of our lives. In order for a company to be able to correctly manage its asset we first need to measure it. This needs to be done in a way that the measurements can be accessed and reported on in a sensible way. With PacketController, measurement and accounting is a breeze.
  • ROI: A clear and short return on investment is a compelling reason in today's tough markets.
  • The key business benefits for ISP:

  • Manage your bandwidth investment, increase application performance
  • Increases network throughput & performance
  • Secure your network while optimizing & saving expensive bandwidth
  • Provides extensive visibility and control over internet usage
  • Manage all WAN connectivity e.g.: Fiber, ATM, MPLS, Diginet, Wireless and Satellite
  • Limit or remove unwanted or malicious traffic from the network
  • Provides detailed analysis and diagnostic support for networks
  • Yes, all PacketController platforms are shipped with built-in hardware failover NICs to eliminate download time caused by power off and firmware failure.

    40 Gigabit in full duplex on one bridge