PacketController products and solutions focus on policy control, billing and charging ecosystems. Our expertise allows Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to focus on their core business: developing and delivering innovative, competitive and profitable services to its customers

PacketController products and solutions scales from SME, Higher Education to telecoms network, each market has its unique traffic management needs, PacketController solutions differ in the ways to suit its requirements - giving you the power to streamline internet traffic that drives your organization's success.

Internet Service Provider

PacketController's products and solutions are designed to adapt to all common telecoms network and IT environments and to evolve to meet the demands of future services. By providing fair usage and powerful tiered service, ISP could provide superior user experience while containing operation cost.More

Higher Education

PacketController's products and solutions are helping Higher Education to eliminate network congestion through timed-based fair bandwidth allocation by different groups like students, faculty and staff. Further, its real-time monitoring could help IT operators understand how users utilize internet traffic.More


PacketController's products and solutions can prioritize mission-critical application like ERP and real-time applications such as VOIP and instant messaging, all of those are critical in enterprise daily operations. More