Real-time applications like VOIP are as important as business system such as ERP, OA in corporate daily operations. Cost-effective QoS solutions are becoming critical for enterprise to improve application response time without incurring the cost of bandwidth upgrades.

Guaranteed high quality of VOIP

VoIP QOS is an important - perhaps the most important - consideration for businesses moving to Internet telephony. Even the best designed network will, from time to time, experience glitches and outages. PacketController has built-in VOIP guaranteed QoS to provide a solid and reliable VoIP experience to enterprise end users.

Congestion management

PacketController utilizes priority queuing to assign packets to queues based on Layer 7 application classification; this is to streamline the performance of mission-critical application under congested network. It could significantly improve the response time of business applications with very low network latency, which results in improved user productivity and cost-effective IT management.

Real-time monitoring

With PacketController, you could gain complete visibility on your network with one click, it includes automatic application discovery, sessions between WAN and LAN so you can get the handle of bandwidth utilization, bottleneck on the network. It is very simple but powerful utility to provide insight and understanding into precisely what is happening on the network


Enterprise could curtail bandwidth cost through PacketController's compression module, it could substantially maximize throughput in distributed networks. The data files are compressed and then sent over the network. PacketController's compression module will help you increase productivity and improve user satisfaction by getting more data through your current network intelligently.