• product name

    Platform 200

    Platform 200 is an affordable and feature-rich bandwidth managment device.

    It is designed to manage uplink at up to 100Mbps. The platform is suitable for small network for customer provisioning, real-time network analysis and policy enforcement.

  • product name

    Platform 300

    Platform 300 is built on high performance hardware with 1Gbps throughput.

    It is installed with Quad-Port Fiber Module or Quad-Port Copper Module, platform 300 brings carrier-class QoS features and reliability for middle-sized ISP networks.

  • product name

    Platform 400

    Platform 400 is advanced, 8 GbE-port (both Fiber and Copper Supported) device with ASIC-Based QoS chip.

    Platform 400 supports 3Gbps throughput and helps ISP manage subscriber bandwidth and ensure QoE of up to 4.5 million concurrent IP flows with subscriber provisioning.

  • product name

    Platform 500

    Platform 500 is 10G QoS solution optimized for high transaction ISP infrastructures.

    Platform 500 is installed 2 10G Fiber ports(SFP+) or 2 2.5G POS. Rock solid performance allows for predictable delivery of subscriber bandwidth management.

  • product name

    Platform 600

    Platform 600 provides up to 40Gbps in throughput with near linear performance.

    Platform 600 is the powerful high performance carrier-grade QoS solution. It is built on top of PacketController proprietary Multi-Core Hardware Architecture.

  • product name

    External Bypass

    External bypass is a desktop form-factor External Passive Bypass Switch.

    It is designed to detect an inline-appliance malfunction such as a software crash, power failure or link loss, and automatically re-route network traffic.