PacketController provides unified subscriber management and service provisioning solutions for ISP. Our expertise allows Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to focus on their core business: developing and delivering innovative, competitive and profitable services to its customers.

  • Problems

    ISPs make money by carrying traffic and it is natural that heavy users are goint to pay more. However, in some situations like shared circuit whereby a number of consumers access an internet connection in one shared bandwidth pool and the cost of that connection is shared between them, fairness in real-time is critical.

    For instance, 10 residential subscribers share 10Mbps bandwidth pool, chances are there will always be some heavy users among them by using P2P or whatever, the result is that those heavy users are going to eat up the bandwidth pool and it brings other subscriber speed down.

    One possible solution is to utlize the balanced bandwidth pool, the subscriber speed is equally divided by the number of online subscribers. However, it does not actually solve the issue. For instance, 10Mbps pool with 2 subscribers, when both online, each subscriber can use up to 5Mbps. User A might send several small mails which costs 1Mbps while User B is watching netflix at 5Mbps, only 6Mbps of 10Mbps pool utilized.

    The other possible solution is to utlize burst, for instance, for 10Mbps pool with 2 subscriber,seach can get 5Mbps at mininum and 7Mbps at max. when 10Mbps pool usage is less than 9Mbps. This solution is more sensible to save the bandwidth and achieve fairness. However, it does not address the issue of heavy users.

  • Solutions

    PacketController Intelligent QoS is to mitigate this issue by collecting the subscriber usage pattern and dynamically pace down the heavy user speed.  More

    The following is one example to show how it works:
    1.For 2Mbps subscribers in one user group, if any subscriber speed is more than 1.5Mbps for 5 minutes, it will be automatically kick downed to 512Kbps for 5 minutes.
    2.If the same subscriber speed is more than 400Kbps for the next 10 minutes, this subscriber speed will be kick downed to 64Kbps for 15 minutes.
    3.After 15 minutes, this subscriber speed will be restored to 2Mbps.
    4.The process repeat itself.

  • Benefits

    By automatically and intelligently pacing down speed of heavy users, ISPs can improve the overall Quality of Experience without additional uplink investment.

  • Problems

  • Solutions

  • Differentiate your brand and increase revenue

    No matter you are ISP with 100s or 10,000s subscribers, ISPs are constantly facing fierce competition. The service provisioning tool is critical for ISPs to win customers through flexible and highly efficient bandwidth management at reasonable cost of link capacity.

  • True QoS Shaping Tool

    PacketController alleviates drops and retransmission from the network by its unique congestion managment. Unlike the competitors, it effectively pace traffic without the need to queue traffic. The result is to support more subscribers with less link capacity.  More

  • Control bandwidth for each subscriber by CIDR/Application

    Subscriber bandwidth management can be tedious since you need to set up QoS rules per subscriber based on its CIDR,MAC,VLAN and Application etc.

  • Simple yet powerful subscriber management

    PacketController enables ISP to manage both dedicated and shared subscriber service provisioning effectively and profitably with unified interface.  More

  • Improve customer satisfaction through tiered and quota package

    Data caps are provider-imposed limits on the amount of data subscribers are able to transfer daily/monthly.However ISP stills need to manage the throttling of quota-based subscriber.

  • Tiered Quota Management

    PacketController imposes 3 levels of speed throttling based on the quota usage with advanced options like built-in daily quota and billing cycle date, exclusion period quota to support free zone.  More

  • Application-aware package to deliver the Quality of Experience

    ISP struggles to stay within budget while achieving acceptable service performance for certain applications like VOIP or online streaming per subscriber. For enterprise subscribers, it is critical for ISP to maintain optimal accessibility and utilization of business-critical applications and information.

  • Application Plans based on powerful DPI

    PacketController built-in DPI makes it possible to micro manage the applications per subscriber. You could set up different SLA for different applications per subscriber, one instance, one 10Mbps subscriber can utilize 2Mbps on VOIP with highest priority, 3Mbps for netflix, 5Mbps for other applications and p2p blocked.  More

  • URL Filtering per subscriber to block malware and porn sites

    ISPs requirs highly effective URL filtering to protect subscribers against web-borne threats, for instance, some subscribers like school requires tailored URL filtering against porn websites. Or enterpreise subscribers need to block some online gaming sites.

  • High performance URL filtering per subscriber

    With PacketController URL filtering it is simple to enforce tailored URL filtering policies per subscriber in a cost effective way. And it is possible to manage thousands of websites per subscriber without performance overhead.  More

  • Day and Night Internet SLA

    To gain a competitive edge, some ISPs offer no data caps on their service, this can be significant for ISP to manage the bandwidth. Day and Night internet SLA can help on this scenario without too much investment on link capacity.

  • 5 Levels of Time Plans

    PacketController supports up to 5 levels of The flexible subscriber speed switching based on day/time. For instance, the day & night internet plan will give the subscribers 1Mbps at daytime and 2Mbps at night.  More

  • Residential broadband management

    For ISP, typical residential broadband model requires the balance between the bandwith saving and reasonable user experience for a number of consumers who shared the pool to access an internet connection.

  • Contention Ratio with Intelligent QoS

    PacketController supports contention ratio for Residential broadband management. And with intelligent QoS, it is possible to utilize burst and automatic pacing down on heavy users by collecting subscriber usage pattern to achieve fairness.  More

  • Real Time Connections Per Subscriber

    See active connections per subscriber to identify the bandwidth hogs and attacks instantly. More

  • Subscriber Insight

    Subscriber analysis provides proactive subscriber quality monitoring, and it can enable helpdesk people quickly and efficiently diagnose and solve subscriber network issues. More

  • Subscriber Portal

    Subscriber self-help web portal where the subscribe can logon to view reports and graphs for real-time and long-term stats.

  • Overall Application Usage

    The built-in DPI engine is totally customizable for ports, protocls, IP list and web sites.

  • Integration for the Ultimate Solution

    PacketController's RESTful API enables 3rd party applications like billing system to directly interact with PacketController system for automation.For instance, the subscriber can be added from billing system via API.

    PacketController API Specification
    PHP API Client

  • Software Version

    Software version is cost-effective QoS solution which can be installed on commodity server. The software version has all the features with hardware appliance except failover/bypass and high performance. The software license is based on WAN link, from 2M to 10G (all in full duplex). You could also upgrade at any given time, for example, upgrade from 100M to 300M and pay the difference.  More

    Hardware Appliance

    Appliance Model Available License Redundancy Bridge Ports
    Platform X1 300Mb/s | 500Mb/s | 1Gb/s Disk 4 x 1GbE Fiber | 4 x 1GbE Copper
    Platform X5 2Gb/s | 3Gb/s | 4Gb/s | 5Gb/s PSU & Disk 2 x 10GbE (SFP+), 4 x 1GbE Fiber | 4 x 1GbE Copper
    Platform X10 10Gb/s PSU & Disk 2 x 10GbE (SFP+) | 4 x 10GbE (SFP+)
    Platform X40 20Gb/s | 40Gb/s PSU & Disk 2 x 10GbE (SFP+) | 4 x 10GbE (SFP+) | 2 x 40GbE (QSFP+)
    Please note that X1 is shipped with built-in failover ports and X5/X10/X40 utilizes external bypass switch.

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