PacketController's thousands customers including ISP, Universities and Enterprises. The deployments range from 40G network with 200K subscribers to small WISP with 300+ subscribers. The following are case studies demonstrating how our solutions help our customers.

10G Cable Network: PacketController 500 helps China Telecom to guarantees network performance

China Telecom is now China's largest broadband service providers, providing a wide range of broadband services catering for all types of application from ISP, enterprise, SME to home users. PacketController Series 500 offers true 10G bandwidth management solution providing redundancy and easy integration with existing systems. More

WISP: PacketController 200 helps China Mobile to provide tiered services

China Mobile runs many regional wireless network to provide the serivices to its customers, the typical netowrk has 18 BTS and 6 VLANs at the main router with BGP inside with 2,4 and 5,8Ghz to its 300 subscribers. The PacketController Series 200 sits between router and cisco catalyst to BTS, it provides 3 service packages to its subscribers. More