A successful bandwidth management solution goes beyond great product; It includes correct implementation with reliable and effective on-going support. We help clients achieve their goals and positive results through intelligent deployment of best practices and technology. We can help you succeed in today's changing environment. The following services are available to our clients:

Gold Support Package

24x7 Gold Support focus on the clients' strategy, operations, step-by-step configuration instructions. We combine creativity with proved methods and application expertise to help clients make complex policy configurations to deliver the maximum return on their investments. Whether the clients want to customize their applications to their unique environment or integrate applications, we have the comprehensive range of talent and expertise to build the complete solution.More

Standard Support Package

PacketController offers 10x5 support packages based on your needs. End of the year, beginning of the year, anytime a downtime causes cost, we can provide 'peace of mind' to our clients with guaranteed response times and access to our support team via Skype or our online help desk system/emails. Going beyond task-bound instruction, we help clients improve their processes with best-practice examples. More