China Telecom is now China's largest broadband service providers, providing a wide range of broadband services catering for all types of application from ISP, enterprise, SME to home users.

With ever increasing demand of Internet access through china the demand for modern, efficient commnunications system. China Telecom provides fast, reliable and afforable services of getting online.

Wide-area networks become increasingly complex to manage as they grow and their performance harder to guarantee as links become more remote. This is especially so when the links are 10G that most of bandwidth management products in the market simply cannot scale well in 10G network. PacketController high performance solution combines the technologies required to deliver robust and optimised internet services to the subscribers.

Bandwidth Management Challenges

  • True bandwidth management on 10G uplink
  • Robust and flexible redundancy
  • Realtime interaction between AAA server and QoS platform through integration
  • Growing bandwidth demands driven by Internet video and P2P
  • Declining Revenues
  • Subscriber Churn
  • Guaranteeing Consistent Quality of Experience (QoE)
  • Network Topology

    PacketController sits between Aggregation Router and BRAS as the transparent bridge through 10G XFP interfaces.

    PacketController implementation

    PacketController implementation includes:

    10G QoS Solution
    PacketController 500 Series is the true 10G QoS solution which supports 10G XFP/SFP+/CX4 interface. PacketController 500 supports 60K Subscriber QoS policies at 4M PPS.

    Parallel redundancy
    PacketConroller supports both parallel and inline redundancy, it is master/slave setup.

    The PacketController redundancy is implementation of VRPP (RPC2338), when the system is started/restarted, it will create a pseudo MAC and IP address for each interface on which a VRID is specified. If a VRID is a master system it will use IP Multicasting to broadcast its status. If a VRID is a backup or slave system then it will listen for these multicasts. When a master system stops its broadcast then the next highest priority slave for that VRID will become a master until the master starts again at which time the slave will revert to slave status. These changes will occur in 3 seconds or less. For each change a alert email will be sent to administrator.Gratuitous ARP's will also be sent to clear ARP caches that are slow to clear their cache.

    Mirroring of configuration files and logs is supported. This means that currently any changes in a master will also be automatically entered in all slaves so that nothing changes if the master fails.

    AAA Server and Accounting System integration

    PacketController endeavours to provide its clients with the industry's most powerful and flexible products possible.

    PacketController provides HTTP/HTTPS based API, AAA Server uses this API to dynamically create subscriber QoS poicy in PacketController, it is also be used enable/disable the existing QoS policies.

    Besides, PacketController provides standard SOAP API for other system like billing application to export subscriber based accounting data.

    Subscriber Management through Bandwidth Quota

    PacketConroller provides tiered service packages to subscribers and privision different QoS policies that bandwidth of each subscriber is enforced.

    Through PacketController Quota system, ISP could implement consumption-based billing models. Quota sets independently for every subscriber.

    Real-time and long term reports for subsribers

    Network and service visibility is critical for ISP service optimization solution.

    PacketController provides detailed and clear reports/graphs of subscriber behavior, application usage and network performance.

    Business Benefits

  • Easy Network Provisioning: It easily helps you manage customers with different service packages
  • Increases network throughput & performance
  • Provides extensive visibility and control over internet usage
  • Provides detailed analysis and diagnostic support for networks