Bandwidth Management Challenges

  • Network Provisioning:How to configure tiered QoS to meet customers needs
  • Reactivity:How to automatically adapt when degradation affects services
  • Accounting:How to integrate the billing system with QoS box to support different billing strategies
  • Profitability:How to provide high quality services to the customers without backbone upgrade
  • Maintenance Cost:How to reduce the manpower to handle customer complaint on the network performance
  • Network Topology

    One cisco calayst connected to servers while another cisco calayst connected to BTS. In the middle of 2 cisco calaysts there sits cisco router (6 VLANs with BGP inside) which connects 2 cisco calaysts through trunking.

    PacketController sits between cisco router and cisco calayst connected to BTS as the transparent bridge.

    PacketController implementation

    PacketController implementation is simple and straightforward:

    Burst definition based on the uplink bandwidth usage
    The uplink is 10Mbps, and the burst definition is 7.5Mbps, the service plan 384Kbps could be bursted to 450Kbps for 3 minutes if the uplink bandwidth usage is less than 7.5Mbps; if uplink usage is more than 7.5Mbps, the service plan 384Kbps is just using 384Kbps

    With the burst setting you can provide higher quality services to the customers when uplink resource is available to do so

    Assign different service plans to customers with difference service level

    There are 300+ customers; they fall into different service levels: 384Kbps, 512Kbps and 1Mb/s.

    Then you assign different service plans to those 300+ customers by its IP addresses. When it's done, you can forget it and there is definitely no need to look over QoS policies again whenever traffic pattern changes.

    Web Cache/Billing Integration

    Web Cache can definitely enhance user response time and thereby user satisfaction. PacketController could seamlessly integrate with External Web Cache System like Squid, it can distinguish between cached and non-cached traffic and manage it transparently. Also PacketController provides database interface for billing system to retrieve bandwidth statistics.

    Business Benefits

  • Easy Network Provisioning: It easily helps you manage customers with different service packages
  • Increases network throughput & performance
  • Provides extensive visibility and control over internet usage
  • Provides detailed analysis and diagnostic support for networks